A grilled cheese sandwich is, for some, the perfect Sunday night dinner.  The simplicity of it is appealing, and, for Chef Miriam Streiman, it’s a great way to show off two of her favourite ingredients: cheese and bread.  For this episode of Sunday Night Dinner, she used a variety (ok, 6!) of Monforte Dairy cheeses; her husband, Neil’s, homemade bread; and lots of butter.  The key to the crispiness is to press the sandwich with a heavy lid as it cooks, and the key to making it even more delicious?  Listen to find out!  Comfort food made by one of the most generous chefs around.  Listen to some of her memories of Italy, and what Sunday nights mean to her.  From running Mad Maple Inn on a 100-acre farm in Creemore, Ontario, to her new home in downtown Toronto, Miriam embodies hospitality.




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One comment on “Chef Miriam Streiman of Mad Maple makes Grilled Cheese

  1. terry Feb 11, 2018

    The only thing missing were the aromas, a great pod cast this one, liked your guest chef. She traversed the landscape in a amateurish manner, and at the same time, relating to us her fabulous stories, with the wonderful food visions, wrapped around the memories of her travels in Italy. I am definitely going to add the herbs to the pan. Maybe chez wizz could be a substitute, instead of grating the cheeses 🙂 🙂 do you want to suggest that to her 🙂

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