Sunday Night Dinner is a podcast about cooking, food, and that last meal of the weekend.  It’s a show where you can cook along with your favourite chefs, authors, fellow food-lovers, and learn their secrets for enjoying Sunday night.

For some chefs, Sunday night is the time to order pizza, while for others, it’s the night they can spend a little more time creating something in the kitchen.  You’ll hear about rituals, and tricks for cheering up as the work-week looms.  You’ll find delicious, comforting recipes.  And you’ll hear the voices of celebrated cooks who reminisce about their own Sunday nights as they guide you through a meal.

For host and producer Suzanne Hancock, Sunday night dinner used to be popcorn and ice cream. Both of her parents hated cooking, so the roast chicken thing never happened.  The sounds of Sunday night were an air-popping popcorn maker, the ticking stop-watch of the show 60 Minutes, her brother asking for more ice cream,  and her dad sighing because he had to go to work the following morning.  This is a show for those who love to cook and those who like to avoid it.

Pop in your earphones or turn on your speaker, grab the list of ingredients from the Recipes page and cook with us!


Photo by my pal Misty Lyn Bergeron