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Jesse Brown of CANADALAND makes Spaghetti Carbonara

Listen to Jesse Brown, writer, journalist, founder of CANADALAND — the incredibly popular news site and podcast network that focuses on media criticism and media reporting.  He’s making Spaghetti Carbonara.  Known by some as the... Read More
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Chef Jamie Kennedy makes Christmas Cake

Chef Jamie Kennedy’s kitchen is an unadorned barn on his farm in Prince Edward County, Ontario.  When I visited him, the only water source was outside and the oven was the heater.  On one of... Read More
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Chef Greg Argent’s Moules Frites

It’s our final show of Season 1!  Listen to Chef Greg Argent making a delicious version of mussels and fries, the classic Belgian comfort food.  He also makes some extraordinary quick bread with only 2... Read More
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Sunday Meal Prep with Dara Bergeron

Do you want to make your work week a little easier?  Try meal prepping on Sundays!  Listen to celebrated fitness expert, Dara Bergeron, making quinoa and black beans, and mini turkey meatloaves–two of her favourite... Read More
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Miriam Toews makes Faspa

Listen as celebrated author, Miriam Toews, makes Faspa- the Sunday, 5pm meal you’ll find in Mennonite households. Learn why Miriam hated Sundays when she was a kid, and why the timing and science of Jell-O... Read More
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Eshun Mott’s Spanish Tortilla

Listen to Chef Eshun Mott– recipe developer, food stylist, past food editor of Today’s Parent magazine and Chatelaine magazine– making a Spanish Tortilla. Read More
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Michael Dixon makes French Onion Soup

Chef Michael Dixon turns a mess of onions into classic French Onion Soup. Find out why it’s also known as the “soup of the drunkards”, and how thought and care can make simple ingredients sing. Read More


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