Julie Gibb and Christian Morrison question the idea of home. Is it a place? A state of mind? An address? For the past four years they’ve made their van their home. They follow food growing seasons, they spend as much time outside as they can, and they write a blog: folksblogen.com. I met them at the Glen Rouge Campground, Canada’s first urban national park, where they cooked Sunday night dinner over an open flame. They roasted kale, rapini, mushrooms, steak and sausages. And they told me stories. They also described some pretty fine sounding s’mores which I can’t wait to try.


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One comment on “The stars of Folksblogen.com cook over an open flame

  1. jennifer howe Oct 23, 2017

    Hi Julie and Christian:
    Loved this podcast and hearing your voices. It brought back memories of your sojourn in the wild wet west; and of our dinner with you. It made me wish that we’d known you earlier. We used to go mushroom gathering every fall, pick up sweet chestnuts blown down on Marlborough Street – just one street over from your little apartment; and of course there was the annual apple pressing event, which we hosted at our place. Friends and neighbours brought apples and we provided the equipment – made by Mike. Afterwards, we’d all pile inside for a potluck celebrating our respective birthdays and our wedding anniversary. Happy days. Love you both, jen mother of sophie.

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