Do you want to make your work week a little easier?  Try meal prepping on Sundays!  Listen to celebrated fitness expert, Dara Bergeron, making quinoa and black beans, and mini turkey meatloaves–two of her favourite things to cook on Sundays and to eat throughout the week.  Listen to her tips for making weekday breakfasts and lunches easier, and how 2 hours of cooking in advance can make what you eat during the week healthier and cheaper.

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2 comments on “Sunday Meal Prep with Dara Bergeron

  1. terry Jun 11, 2017

    again informative, delightful, and an excellent way to enjoy one’s morning coffee on a Sunday, giving thought to the evening meal. I got to get use to eating quinoa.

    • Hi Terry! So glad you enjoyed. Quinoa was never something I grew up with, but it’s a favourite now. 🙂

      – Dara.

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